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Check Rates and Sign up Now – No Deposit and Low Deposit Choices available based on credit score. You can check Texas electric rates and plans with Bounce Energy and pick the plan that makes the most sense to you. If you have no credit or bad credit you may find that the plan that makes the most sense right now is to choose the cheapest plan they offer and mention you would like to avoid the deposit. Bounce will try to approve you with no deposit but if they can’t they will get you on a cheap rate plan with a low deposit amount. Rather than signing up with a company that charges 16 cents or more per kWh but offers a no deposit choice it is better to pay a $100 – $200 as a deposit if your rate will be 13 cents per kWh or lower. You will end up recouping that deposit in a few months in savings and you will get the deposit back when your electricity contract is up.

Bounce used to offer a guaranteed no deposit choice but they no longer offer this plan. The only other no deposit plans out there are pay as you go and prepaid electricity company plans. These plans have extremely high rates and you end up paying what you would have paid as a deposit with a traditional electric company in your first couple of months with a prepaid provider  because of how high the electricity bill runs.

Our recommendation is to avoid “pay as you go” and prepaid electricity companies because of the super high electricity rate you will pay. It ends up never being worth it. Don’t fall for the teaser of $99 – $129 to turn on your lights as these companies will demand additional charges in only a couple weeks or shut your lights back off.

Try this traditional electricity company first and see if you qualify for no deposit or atleast a low cost deposit amount.

Option 1 – Check Rates and Sign up Now

After trying the link above and you are asked for a deposit you cannot afford give this link a try as well.

Option 2 –  Check Rates and Sign Up Now

Most Texas electricity companies will really stick it to you with a large deposit if your credit isn’t great. If you find yourself in this situation then the no or low deposit Texas electricity plans with Bounce Energy is a good way to establish some history with a Texas lights company and get your track record back in line. Once you have paid your Texas electricity bill on time, Bounce Energy will bill able to show a positive history of utility payments to credit bureaus. In the future after paying your electricity bill on time for the duration of the contract you will not have to pay deposits anymore.  This offers a 2nd chance to those electricity consumers in Texas who have run out of options.

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