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Allentown Pennsylvania has recently opened up their deregulated market so that competitive electricity companies can come into the city and offer competitive electricity prices. Now instead of just using your monopoly electric provider which you have been using forever you will be able to pick among several cheaper electric companies.

Deposits Are One of The Main Issues When Switching Electric Companies

One of the main issues facing residential electricity customers in Allentown as well as commercial businesses in Allentown PA is the issue of deposit requirements. If you have no established credit history or bad credit you will likely be asked by the competitive energy supplier for a deposit. Deposits for residential electricity service customers can be as much as $500. A commercial energy customer in Allentown Pennsylvania that has bad credit may have to pay up to 3 months average electricity bills.

An alternative to paying a deposit for your electricity is to sign up with a prepaid electricity provider or a pay as you go energy company. When you sign up on a prepaid electric company you will usually be hooked in with the promise of only $99 to start service. The issue is that this is not for the first month usually. The electricity company offering no deposit will come back asking for $200 – $400 more in order for you to keep service on.

You pre pay when on a prepaid electricity provider in Allentown and it is not based on your actual electric usage. The prepaid electricity company offering a rate with no deposit will use historical electric usage from last year. Even if you were not the tenant in your Allentown home or apartment you will still be prepaying for how someone else used their energy the year before. A prepaid electric rate is much higher than a traditional electricity company and because of this you will find that the monthly charges to keep your service on are way to high.

In almost all cases it is better to come up with a high deposit than to go with a pay as you go electricity provider in Allentown PA. You will save money and you will get that deposit back at the end of the year. This will give you a chance to build up credit history and establish yourself as someone who pays their electric utility on time. When next year rolls around and you need to sign up for Pennsylvania electricity service again you may not be asked for a deposit again.

How is The Deregulated Allentown PA Electricity Market Setup?

The state of Pennsylvania has set up the competitive energy market in such a way that the monopoly companies have to keep their electric rates static at a certain price. This allows other smaller electric companies to come in and compete for your residential or commercial business without having to worry about being priced out of the Allentown PA electricity market.

By the state of Pennsylvania allowing deregulation to take a foot hold it gives the energy markets a chance to become cheaper and offer new and exciting electricity terms you may have not seen before. You can pick between fixed electric rate terms and variable electricity prices. There are usually several fixed rate terms to choose from in Allentown PA, anywhere from a 1 year rate all the way to a 5 year fixed rate.

A fixed rate stabilizes the price of your electricity so that it is guaranteed to remain the same price the entire length of your contract.

Competitive Electric Providers Competing Against PPL

Some of the electricity companies planning to come into Allentown PA from out of state are Ciro Energy and Dominion Energy. There will likely be more electricity companies than just these but this is a good start. Cirro and Dominion will be selling residential electricity service and will have a direct mail campaign.

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