TXU in Dallas, Have They Asked you for a Large Deposit?

by admin on May 6, 2009

If TXU in Dallas has asked you for a large electricity service deposit you don’t have to give up there. TXU is a large reputable electric company with a few million customers and deliver accurate billing and quality customer service. The problem for Dallas Texas electric service customers is not everyone has the needed credit score to sign up with TXU in Dallas without paying a large electric service deposit amount. You can completely waive the deposit requirement TXU Energy in Dallas may be asking you by choosing a no deposit guaranteed electric company. Not all no deposit Dallas energy providers are worth going with as some have a few catches that will get you a few electric bills down the road.

For instance, if you go with a pre-paid Dallas electric company to avoid the TXU deposit requirement you will be billed for estimated usage rather then actual electric usage. Most people use double or even triple the energy they use during other months in the year. If the previous tenant in your apartment or home was an energy hog then the pre-paid electric company will bill you on estimated electric usage the previous tenant was using. You do not want to get stuck in this situation especially if plan on conserving energy in the summer to keep the electric bill costs down. Prepaid Dallas electricity providers will also give you an initial bill rate that is exceptionally low. You will likely pay this bill because you are getting a great deal on the electric service. Before a few weeks have even gone by you will be asked for additional money to keep your lights on which is usually higher than the deposit you were asked for by a traditional electric company. The next few months you will see your energy charges steadily rise on you especially when the summer months hit. If you do not pay your electric bill on time they will quickly shut your Dallas electric service off.

Best Way to Avoid a TXU Energy Electric Service Deposit

The best choice when avoiding a deposit with TXU Energy is to just go with a no deposit or low deposit electric company that does not have a history of cramming in additional charges. You want a no deposit company that will bill you for actual electric usage, and you want a provider that will reward you with a lower Dallas electricity rate if you pay your bill on time. We recommend any of the prepaid providers listed in the compare chart. They have a no deposit and low deposit electricity choice but you must enter your zip code to begin. Please call if you have any questions: 1-800-971-4020

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