Reliant in Houston, Tried Signing up But Asked for Deposit?

by admin on May 6, 2009

Reliant Energy Asking for Electric Service Deposit

Have you attempted to switch to Reliant in Houston in order to setup electric service in a new home or apartment but were then asked for a large electricity service deposit? This happens quite often to low credit score customers or just someone like a student that has never setup a credit history before. By simply, applying for a credit card, using that credit card, and paying it off each month you can build up enough credit to handle deposit issues like this. Reliant Energy is not the enemy and it isn’t that they are purposefully picking on you, they just can’t approve electric service customers that appear to be a risk.

Credit Risk is Something Houston Energy Providers Try to Avoid

Believe it or not Texas electric companies operate on thin margins and a lot of volume. Because the risk involved in making a profit is greater then it is in other businesses these electric companies in Houston often times need a deposit. To waive a deposit with Reliant Energy or a different electric company you need a simple solution. Most people need a quick and simple solution because they have to have electric service turned on in quite possibly their very first place. This can be handled very quickly with a Houston no deposit electricity company. We currently recommend you give Bounce Energy a try. They have a plan that offers low deposits and no deposits based on credit score and can turn your electricity service on in Houston right away while significantly lowering your electricity rate. Your no deposit choice is a better option over a “pay as you go” electricity service and will alleviate any frustration you may have received after being declined by Reliant in Houston or possibly TXU Energy.

Order No Deposit Guaranteed Houston Electric Service

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