Why are Texas Energy Companies Wanting Large Deposits?

by admin on April 8, 2009

Why Such a Large Deposit?

If you have been watching the news you may have seen that one reason we are having a down turn in the economy is because of what is referred to as the “credit crisis” Many financial companies that loaned money so people could buy a house have been going out of business or are being bailed out by the government. These same financial firms also give credit for financial transactions involved in the buying, hedging, and selling of electric service. It is a complicated process to buy an energy commodity, have money set aside for hedging and then selling that energy to a credit worthy customer. Not only does the electric service customer have to be a good credit customer but the energy company has to have good credit to get good financial terms on money borrowed to hedge energy contracts.

TXU Energy and Reliant Energy Deposits

Texas Electric companies like TXU Energy or Reliant Energy are not trying to stick it to you when they turn you down for electric service unless you pay $200 – $800 as a deposit. If you still owe money to another Texas electric provider you may find it almost impossible to switch electric service to a new provider. In the case you find yourself in a bit of a credit crunch where the deposit is just way too much for you to come up with immediately yet you need to move in to your new place right away and be guaranteed that the lights will be turned on there is really just one recommended option.

Our Recommendation for Avoiding and Waiving Electric Service Deposits

We recommend you try this no deposit and low deposit offer by using the compare chart and going to the prepaid tab. These companies will get your service turned on right away and they offer low and no deposits to turn on electricity service without checking your credit. If you pay your bill on time you will build up a history of credit worthiness, Bounce Energy as well as other electric companies will no longer ask you for a deposit once you have stablished yourself as a good paying customer. Bounce Energy will guarantee there will be no deposit based on credit score and if they need a deposit it will be on the low end of the spectrum. Bounce can insure you get your lights turned on right away, and they will offer you a cheap electricity rate along with no deposit or atleast a low deposit amount. This is a great deal especially because they reward good paying customers. You won’t find another electricity plan out there put together as well as this.

You can learn more about Bounce Energy by clicking here. Be sure to ask about their “No and Low Deposit Plans”

You can call them at 1-800-971-4020

Learn about no deposit electricity options in other states. Pennsylvania

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Shayla September 22, 2009 at 7:13 am

Bounce energy no longer offers the fresh start plan. Their criteria is based on credit now just as every other company.

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