Some Electric Companies will Waive the Deposit

by admin on March 12, 2009

Bad Credit Situation, What do You do?

If you have bad credit or just no established credit you can get some Texas electric companies to waive the deposit by faxing in 3 recent electricity bills paid in full. If there is a past due balance on any of the bills then unfortunately this will not work. If you sign up with an electric company and they ask you for a large deposit be sure to ask them if they will waive the deposit amount if you provide 3 recent electric bill statements showing a paid in full balance. Many electric companies will waive the deposit amount if you can prove you have a history of paying your Texas electricity bill on time.

Can you Show 3 Paid in Full Texas Electric Bills?

If you cannot prove you have been paying your electricity bill on time you still have a second chance at reestablishing yourself as a good Texas electric service customer. You simply need to sign up on a plan like the “Acreed Start-up Plan”. This electricity service plan allows you to get on a standard electric rate with traditional billing. What I mean by this is you won’t need to sign up for a prepaid electric company where they come out and install their own electricity meter. You will be billed like most electric customers are billed in Texas. Once you receive your bill you will have a couple weeks to pay before your bill is considered late. Be sure to pay your electricity bill on time the first 3 months and the Texas electric company offering this Fresh Start Plan will proactively lower your electricity rate to the cheapest electric plan they offer.

Get Rewarded for Paying Your Energy Bill on Time

You can choose a prepaid electric company using our compare tool on this site. Just enter your zip code to get started. If you routinely pay in advance for over a year you can build up your goodwill among electric utilities and in the future may be able to get on a post paid plan with no deposit in the future.

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