Pennsylvania Light Companies Offering PA Energy Consumers No Deposit Choices

by admin on March 2, 2011

No deposit electric choice is offered in Pennsylvania as an alternative to paying up to $500 as a deposit just to have lights turned on.

Rather then spending this much upfront money more people are starting to choose a short cut to get electric service on right away and avoid that hefty PA energy deposit.

Considering most of us have to put up $500 – $1000 as a deposit for an apartment or home to rent it is hard to come up with the additional money to get lights turned on.

Rather then spending this money tied up for a year or more to pay a large deposit there is the option of prepaid electricity service.

A PA prepaid electric company operates in one of two ways. They either estimate your PA electric usage based on how the prior tenant used their electricity or they put a device on those who have a smart electric meter that sends live data as you use electricity.

For those who have a smart electric meter in Pennsylvania you have the better scenario as many prepaid electric companies that charge you on estimated usage end up leaving the state once they are asked to true up the charges you may have over paid.

You see if you do not have a Pennsylvania smart electric meter a prepaid electricity company is supposed to pay you back for any overages in estimated electricity usage.

Prior to Pennsylvania letting the rate caps expire no one knew how prepaid electric companies operate but in Texas there have been some warning signs.

Several prepaid electricity companies signed up several thousand electric service customers and were charging them much more than these customers actually used in electricity.

Rather than truing up the charges the no deposit electricity companies shutdown and left the state with all that money.

Smart meter technology prevents this type of scam from happening as Pennsylvania prepaid electric companies that use smart meters only charge you for actual usage as it appears on the smart meter.

The smart meter card deducts the exact amount you owe as you use the electricity throughout the day.

So for those of us that want to avoid paying a deposit the prepaid electricity choice is the best option and smart meters make that available.

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