Baltimore Maryland no deposit electricity service companies

by admin on January 4, 2011

In Baltimore Maryland the monopoly electricity utility company is known as Baltimore gas and electric company. Fortunately because the state is deregulated you have a choice in who you choose as your electricity company.

One of the biggest frustrations with finding an alternate electric company is having to put down a large deposit to have electrci service turned on in your name.

The people who get the biggest shock when it comes to electricity deposits in Maryland are young people, college students, and people just starting out on their own.

You may have never had a utility service started in your name or for that matter a credit card. Your credit score may be unestablished and because of this you fall in the credit risk category with most electric utility companies in Maryland.

Yes there are such things as no deposit electricity companies in Baltimore but these are prepaid electric providers and often they come with strings attached.

What you generally see in a prepaid electric companies ads is a hook like, “start service for only $99 down”.

Keep in mind that this is not a deposit they are saying you can actually get electric service turned on in your name for $99 and it will be on and will be applied to your first months electricity bill.

What these prepaid electricity companies in Baltimore Maryland fail to mention is that there may be more charges in just a couple short weeks.

Since prepaid service does not require a deposit there is usually a high mark up. There are consumer protection laws in place preventing electricity companies from turning your service off prematurely so these prepaid electric companies have to charge you more.

The high margins on these prepaid electricity rates in Baltimore are not just to protect the electric company because they do make a fortune on you as well.

Just like those rent own furniture stores are in some of the nicest buildings in town the prepaid electricity companies are making huge profit margins on low income families.

I am not saying every prepaid electricity company is a scam but just be aware that sometimes it is worth going with a traditional electric company in Maryland that may have a small deposit but offer a competitive electricity price.

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