Harker Heights No Deposit Electricity Rates

by admin on January 20, 2010

When moving into a new apartment, duplex or home while in the military you may find that every company, utility and landlord begins asking you for deposits. By the time everything is said and done you may be paying a couple thousand dollars in deposit payments just to have a decent living arrangement in the Killeen Harker Heights area of Texas.

There are some Harker Heights electricity companies that do not require a deposit but there is a catch. To sign up with an energy provider in Harker Heights that will not require a deposit you have to go with a prepaid or pay as you go electric provider. The prepaid electricity companies at this time use historical electricity usage from the previous tenants usage data. You could end up paying double or triple the charges compared to what you may be actually using simply because the energy company is using outdated data from the previous year.

When going with a pay as you go electricity company in Harker Heights they will usually charge you an energy price that is near double what the typical electric rate is with other energy suppliers in the area. The reason a pay as you go energy supplier will charge you double the normal price is because they are dealing with credit scores that typically have over a 50% default rate. Yes that is right even though you intend on paying your electricity bill on time every month most people in your credit score range are going to fail to pay on time month after month or simply not at all.

Being someone new to the whole credit score issue you may feel very frustrated considering your issue is not that you have ever missed a bill payment but simply that you have never established your credit. We recommend choosing a traditional electricity company in Harker Heights rather than going with a prepaid energy provider. By going the traditional route you will get a cheap energy price, will be able to establish your credit, and will be billed for actual electricity usage rather than historical data from the previous tenant at your location.

We would also like to point out that although you might not have to pay a $400 deposit to a no deposit guaranteed electricity company you will have a rate that is double the normal price. By going ahead and paying a deposit to a traditional electric company in Harker Heights TX you will get a good rate and you will get that deposit back at the end of the contract or 6 months in. The sacrifice in getting setup with a traditional electric company that may ask you for a deposit is going to be worth it in the long run. You will establish your credit, your rate will be half the price of a prepaid electricity company, and you will get that deposit money back.

You can learn more about traditional electricity company choices and the possibility of getting government assistance to help pay that deposit amount.

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