Irving TX No Deposit or Low Deposit Electric Companies

by admin on January 14, 2010

The Plight Of Many In Irving Needing Cheap Electricity

Irving Texas is one of those cities near Dallas with a million and one apartments. Many of the people that move into an Irving apartment are students or just first time renters and their credit isn’t established yet. For a bad credit customer or just someone with no established credit you will have a hard time getting your electricity service turned on at your Irving apartment without paying a deposit.

You Can Get Around That Deposit If You Are Willing To Try

There are ways around deposit amounts even when going with electric companies like Reliant and TXU. If you look on the internet you will see reviews and complaints from residents in Irving Texas because they were asked for a $400 deposit by an electric company. I can’t blame the electric provider in Irving for asking for a deposit because they are simply playing a numbers game. The default rate for customers with a credit score below a certain number is tremendously higher than for those who are above that number.

Why Do They Want A Deposit From Me?

If an Irving electricity company asks you for a deposit it could be for one of two things. You may have a good credit score but you have a late payment history with a previous electric utility. The only other reason an electricity provider in Irving would ask you for a deposit is due to yoru credit score not meeting that magic number.

The Department of Health and Human Services Can Help

There are ways around avoiding paying a deposit with an Irving electricity supplier even if your credit is bad and even if you have been late with a utility payment in the past. To qualify to waive a deposit amount with companies like TXU Energy and Reliant Energy you will need to speak with The Department of Health and Human Services.

This Texas government agency also known as DHHS can pay your deposit for you or help you setup a payment plan to pay back the deposit amount. This assistance from the government will allow you to avoid the high prices of a prepaid electricity company in Irving while enjoying the discount rates you can receive when shopping around for the cheapest Irving electric provider. It makes know sense to shop for the cheapest electric provider if you will not be able to afford the deposit.

Call The Texas DHHS Now!

You can begin now to learn how to completely waive the deposit amount energy providers like TXU are asking you for by contact the Texas Department of Health and Human Services by dialing 2-1-1 on your home phone or by calling their toll free phone number: 1-877-541-7905

The Texas government works with low income individuals and families during hot summer months, and cold winter months to assist in reducing the cost of your Irving electricity price as well as helping you pay your deposit amount. The need for electricity service assistance in Irving TX is great so expect some paper work and potentially having to drive down to talk to somebody.

Make Sure the Texas DHHS Info Matches What You Gave The Electric Company

When getting your Irving deposit waived in order to keep your lights on you will need to pay close attention that your information with the energy provider you choose matches what you have with the DHHS. If there is any discrepancy even if just a middle initial or social security number the electric company you chose will refuse to work with the state in getting the assistance you qualify for. The energy provider will likely choose to not sign you up if they cannot verify what you have told them in their energy contract.

Don’t let yourself get turned down by an Irving electricity provider simply because you did not feel out the same billing and service address information as what the DHHS has on you. I recommend calling the TDHHS and ask them to email or fax to you the information they have on you in their files. This will save a lot of heart ache in making sure your light company offering you the cheapest rate switches your electric service on right away.

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