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by admin on January 13, 2010

In Arlington TX apartment renters, duplex renters, and those renting homes can opt in to electricity service known as prepaid electricity service. If you cannot afford to pay a large deposit amount that you may have been asked by local TXU Energy in Arlington than a prepaid electricity company may be something that would allow you to have electric service turned on sooner and with less hassle.

The issue with choosing a prepaid electric company in Arlington TX is that they have been known to really stick it to you with exorbitant electricity charges that most low income families cannot afford. Many times we have seen that the electric bill each month winds up being about the same price as the rental fee for the apartment the low income customer is staying at. So although you may be avoiding paying a $400 deposit when choosing a pay as you go electricity provider in Arlington you still end up paying what you would have paid as a deposit month in and month out.

First Choice Power is set to be the first pay as you go prepaid electricity company that will bill you for actual electricity usage instead of estimated usage. This is plausible because they are utilizing the new smart meters in the Oncor electric utility area. The smart meters have not been installed in all homes and apartments yet and so this service is still quite awhile off. When it does go into effect you will find First Choice Power to be the preferred choice in avoiding paying a deposit with an electric company and still being charged fairly. Since this prepaid electricity service is not available all you have at this time in prepaid choices is with DPI Energy and Freedom Power now known as Penstar Energy.

Rather than choose a prepaid electric company we recommend going ahead and shopping around to find the cheapest electric company in Arlington Texas. Once you have found this Arlington energy service supplier go ahead and have them determine what your deposit amount will be if any. If the deposit is low enough you may be able to afford to pay it. The reason you would want to go with an electric company asking for a deposit is because a prepaid electricity company will be much more expensive as far as what they charge you per kWh. A traditional electricity company asking for a deposit will have a cheaper rate but the initial deposit may set you back.

Once you have the knowledge of what the deposit amount will be for your apartment electric service turn on you will want to speak with the Department of Health and Human Services in Texas. You can also contact the Texas Lite up program for additional assistance. These Texas agencies can assist in subsidizing the deposit or paying it off completely. These agencies can also setup a payment plan where you pay the deposit amount over time. By working with the government agencies in Texas a low income customer can still sign up with a traditional electric company that bills you every month.

By being billed every month you have a couple of weeks to look over the bill and pay your chosen lights company. If you were on a prepaid electric service in Arlington Texas you have to pay in advance to keep the service going. Many low income customers have complained that because they were not able to make a timely payment to keep the prepay service going that the Arlington lights company had disconnected the electric service. Prepaid electric companies have had many complaints filed against them from disgruntled customers contacting the Public Utility Commission of Texas due to early disconnects without proper customer notice or warnings.

Don’t put yourself in a nightmare situation by choosing a pay as you go electricity company in Arlington. You risk early termination if you are late prepaying for your light bill. You are not establishing good credit with an electric utility since you are only prepaying for service.  By saving up and paying a deposit with a traditional electricity company in Arlington TX you are establishing credit history with an electricity utility in the area. You will be less likely to have to pay a deposit the next time your energy contract comes up for renewal. Your electricity rate will be much cheaper with a traditional electric company than by going with a pay as you go company. You will be billed for actual usage instead of estimated electricity usage based on the prior tenant taht lived at your location.

Don’t fall for the $99 hook up ads you might see on publications like the Greensheet where prepaid electric companies seem to flourish. This is only to get you in. Once your in you will be billed on a pay as you go basis based on last years electricity usage used by the prior Arlington resident living at your address. No matter how you conserve your energy you will still be billed base don how someone else used the electricity at your address. Prepaid electric service never makes sense and that is why I want to encourage you to do whatever you can to go with a traditional electricity company first before choosing a pay as you go or prepaid Arlington electricity provider.

You may call one of our energy consultants who can help you shop the cheapest Arlington electricity rate and help you in getting the government to pay your deposit you may be asked for. You may call us at 1-800-971-4020

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