Corpus Christi Texas No Deposit Electricity Choices

by admin on January 7, 2010

In Corpus Christi you have some choices when choosing a low cost electricity provider although almost every electric company you call will want a deposit if you have little or no credit.

If your credit is bad from late bills and defaults with banks, utilities, and or companies you will most definitely be asked for a deposit from every single electricity company you call. There are some alternatives to consider such as contacting the department of health and human services for assistance in paying your deposit. pay as you go, and prepaid electricity companies. You may call one of our energy consultants for help in getting assistance in paying a deposit amount in order to maintain a discount rate without going with a high energy charge from a prepaid electric company operating in Corpus Christi TX.

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There are however some alternatives no matter how bad your credit is in Corpus Christi TX. The alternatives are not that exciting once you understand what they are. Many people in Corpus Christi get duped into a prepaid electricity companies promises or the pay as you go electric companies $99 turn on service ad. The issue with prepaid and pay as you go electric companies is that they will advertise a $99 turn on charge but will call you in two weeks to ask you for an additional amount in the range of $200 – $300. Keep in mind that they will be call or billing you in another two weeks for even more money. So even though you were able to get electricity service in Corpus Christi established with no deposit you may end up paying $400 – $500 your first month with a prepaid electricity company.

When using a no deposit pay as you go energy utility they will usually charge you about double or triple what a discount electricity company that checks your credit will charge. By going with a traditional electric company you may have to pay $400 for a deposit but your first months bill may only be $100. In this example you would pay only $100 more by paying a deposit. After the first month your deposit is kind of like a savings account that you will get back while your monthly electricity bill is in the range of $100 instead of $400.

A pay as you go electricity company bills you based on estimated usage from the previous tenant. This means that if you live at a Corpus Christi home or apartment and work hard on a hot summer month to conserve the amount of electricity you use it will have no effect on the amount you pay the lights company. You will still have to pay whatever the usage was the previous tenant used last year during the summer. Typically a summer electric bill is double or triple the usage amounts during milder climate months. The prepaid electricity company will already by charging you an inflated electricity rate. Consider that your summer electricity usage will be double or triple and you may find yourself paying a $800 electric bill if your not careful.

Be sure to question what the rate is you will be paying if you do decide to go with a pay as you go electric company. Ask for the Corpus Christi Energy company you are talking with to send you an electricity facts label. The facts label will show you exactly what the pay as you go electric company is charging you. If the prepaid electricity company deviates from what the facts label says you may have some legal recourse to get out of the contract or hold them to their promises.

Be sure to consider your choices between traditional discount electricity companies in Corpus Christi or choosing a no deposit electricity company that offers a prepaid service. In our opinion you will save much more money over the course of the year by paying a large deposit if required. Once you have established your credit with a utility you will get your deposit back and will be able to continue to sign up for service with little or no deposit in the future.


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