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by admin on January 6, 2010

The state of Connecticut deregulated their electricity service market back in October 2006 and since then over 250,000 customers have switched from familiar electric suppliers like CL&P (Connecticut Light and Power Company) and UI (The United Illuminating Company). One of the most common issued when deciding if you should switch to a competitive electricity company and away from the old monopoly is if you will save money. Right now businesses are saving around $1,000 to $2,500 a year depending on the electric company they choose in Connecticut. Residential home and apartment energy consumers are saving between $100 – $200 a year by choosing an alternative CT electric company.

Another common problem electric service customers need to know before deciding to compare and switch electricity company is of there will be a deposit. Most electricity companies are going to need to run a credit check on you to see if a deposit will be required. For a residential electric service customer you may be faced with a $400 deposit if you have no established credit history or your credit is simply bad. A business customer in Connecticut may be faced with 3 months average electricity bills they must pay upfront in order to have electric service turned on.

If you have been shopping for a cheap electricity rate in CT but have been dealt with a large deposit amount after shopping, comparing and finding the cheapest rate you may be very frustrated at this point. There are other options which include providing 12 months bill copies showing paid in full from your previous electricity company. If you are a low income customer you can contact the department of health and human services and ask if they can assist you with paying your deposit amount. You may qualify for government assistance but you must call to find out if you qualify. The electric service deposit assistance program for Connecticut is handled by several non-profit groups and government agencies listed below. All of these have ties with The Department of Social Services in CT. You will find phone numbers below to call to assist in getting help paying your preferred Connecticut electricity providers deposit amount.

The Connecticut Energy Assistance Program and the Contingency Heating Assistance Program are administered by the Department of Social Services and coordinated by regional Community Action Agencies, in cooperation with municipal and other non-profit human service agencies.

Community Action Agencies For Assistance in Paying Your Electricity Deposit:

  • The Community Action Committee of Danbury, Inc. (203) 748-5422
  • New Opportunities, Inc. (Waterbury area) (203) 756-8151
  • Bristol Community Organization, Inc. (860) 582-7490
  • Human Resources Agency of New Britain, Inc. (860) 223-2288
  • Community Renewal Team, Inc. (Hartford area) (860) 560-5800 or 1-800-798-3805; (Middletown area) (860) 347-4465 ext.223 or 224
  • ACCESS, Inc. (Willimantic – Danielson area) (860) 450-7423
  • Thames Valley Council for Community Action, Inc. (Norwich-New London area) (860) 425-6681
  • New Opportunity for Greater Meriden (203) 235-0278 (sponsored by New Opportunities, Inc.)
  • Community Action Agency of New Haven, Inc. (203) 387-7700
  • TEAM, Inc. (Derby-Ansonia-Shelton area) (203) 736-5420
  • Action for Bridgeport Community Development, Inc. (203) 384-6904
  • Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now, Incorporated (203) 899-2484
  • CTE, Inc. (Stamford area) (203) 352-4846

Once you have called the group above that is best related to your issue in regards to paying your CT electricity service deposit you can sign up for service with the cheapest CT electric company you were able to find.

There are other options besides working with the government with one of their low income assistance programs but they are not recommended. The services we do not recommend for Connecticut electricity service customers are no deposit electric companies. There may be some good ones out there in CT but for the most part they will charge you electricity prices that are double and triple the price of a traditional electric rate. The no deposit CT electricity companies are generally pay as you go or prepaid electricity companies. These Connecticut energy suppliers bill you on historical usage from the previous tenant in advance. You prepay for estimated usage from the prior tenant. This means that if you are paying 19 cents a kWh and conserve your energy so that you only use 500 kWh during a winter month but the historical usage shows 3,500 kWh from a year ago then you will have to prepay .19 x 3500 = $665.

The pay as you go companies realize that you will likely not be able to afford a high electric bill like this so they will ask for some of the money up front in small portions without it being especially clear that you will have to pay more in just a couple weeks. These prepaid no deposit electric companies in CT will hook you in with a line like “only $99 to start service”. Once you are hooked in they will take your money and turn on your service. Two weeks later you will get a phone call or letter asking for $300 to keep your electric service turned on. You might pay this amount but in your mind you are thinking I was just barely able to pay that amount. In two more weeks they ask you for another $200 to keep service turned on. At this point if you can still afford to pay the Connecticut prepaid electricity company any more money you will discover that you have paid the same or more than a typical home mortgage payment. For a low income customer a prepaid electricity company simply makes no sense.

Pay as you go electric service companies make money from their customers from 1 or two months of service. The typical customer defaults on paying after the first few months because the charges are way more than the customer ever expected to pay. Rather than go through the nightmare of choosing a pay as you go electric company in CT we recommend you work with your state and local CT heating assistance (in the winter) or summer air conditioning assistance program. You can find information on these by calling the numbers above or at your local town and city hall.

In Texas prepaid electricity companies thrive because there are many immigrants from Mexico without social security numbers to pass credit. These low income families pay these very high electric bills because they have no other choice. Don’t let a prepaid electric company take advantage of your low income situation in Connecticut. Find a low cost cheap electricity provider in CT and work with your local government to reduce the electricity rate down further and assist with paying the deposit amount.

Visit our important questions page to help Connecticut energy consumers shop intelligently for their electricity among competitive electric suppliers.

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